3 Tips for Avoiding Plumbing Disasters This Summer

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Avoid plumbing disasters

3 Tips for Plumbing Disaster Prevention

Every season comes with a different set of challenges for home plumbing systems. In the summertime, homeowners turn on their sprinkler systems, host cookouts, and enjoy fun days by the pool. But those summer activities could stress the home’s plumbing system more.

Clogged drains, leaky pipes, and other plumbing issues can ruin summer fun. However, these three tips from professional plumbers can help homeowners prevent common summer plumbing disasters. Preventing plumbing disasters means more time and money to invest in fun summer activities. 

1. Inspect the Plumbing for Leaks & Cracks

crackAn easy way to prepare the plumbing system for the summer months is to inspect the plumbing hardware thoroughly. This includes checking the pipes and all plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and faucets. Any damaged or broken parts should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent a plumbing disaster if the problem worsens. 

Catching small problems early is the best way to protect the plumbing from a total system failure. A small pipe leak could become a big problem if the pipe bursts. Burst pipes can lead to extensive property damage, the growth of mold, and more complicated and expensive repairs. 

2. Dispose of Cooking Oil the Right Way 

drainGrilling outside is a favorite summer activity, but grease and cooking oil could wreak havoc on home plumbing systems if disposed of incorrectly. Homeowners should never put animal fat from cooking, oil, or grease down the drain because they cause clogs. The best way to dispose of cooking oil is to pour it into a disposable container and throw it in the trash. 

When grease and cooking oil gets poured down the drain, it hardens as it cools down and can coat the inside of the pipes. The oily coating then begins to catch particles of food and debris that get washed down the drain until a clog forms. Cooking oil clogs can lead to clogged pipes and pipe bursts. 

3. Flush Drains to Prevent Clogs

Clogged drains and pipes are one of the most common causes of summer plumber disasters. Homeowners can take steps to prevent pipe clogs by flushing drains regularly. Professional drain cleaning can be performed during annual plumbing maintenance, or homeowners can try one of these DIY drain cleaning methods. 

  • Pour hot water into the drain.
  • Pour baking soda and then vinegar into the drain and let it fizz
  • Be mindful of what gets flushed down the drain 
  • Invest in professional drain cleaning services

Liquid drain cleaners should be avoided because they contain toxic chemicals that are hazardous to human health. These products often fail to clear the clog, which leaves the toxic fumes with nowhere to go but up into the home. 

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