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Don’t call around looking for plumbers. At Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing we service Stead with plumbing and water heater services, so call 775-626-7777 today. We train our technicians to be able to offer expert advice and quality service with every visit. Save on your next appointment by visiting our coupons page to take advantage of our great deals.

Plumbing Services in Stead, NV

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We Can Help Keep Your Drains Clean

A clogged drain may not seem like a big deal at the time, but the buildup caused by hair, grease, and debris over time can lead to larger issues such as burst pipes, water lines, or sewer lines, which can be messy and costly to deal with.

By scheduling regular drain inspections, and calling to request unclogging services when you notice that your drains aren’t working as efficiently as they should, you can avoid larger headaches and save yourself money by not allowing them to escalate into larger, more serious issues. Our technicians can find, diagnose, and solve your clogged drain issues before they become something more serious.

We Can Repair and Install Your Water Heater

If you schedule regular maintenance on your hot water heater, it should last a decade, on average. However, regular inspections and repairs are required in order to keep your tank in the best possible shape to meet your needs. Luckily at Ira Hansen and Sons, we have trained technicians who are always ready to visit your home or commercial building and perform routine check-ups on your hot water tank.

We’ll let you know about potential issues before they happen, and will work with you to find solutions to your hot water tank issues before they escalate into emergencies. If your hot water tank need to be repaired, then we’re ready to help. If the damage is too extensive and a new hot water tank is required, we can help you select the best model for your needs and assist with installing it for you.

We’re Here For You In An Emergency

We’re proud to serve the residents of Stead as your go-to plumbers, and are always available to assist you with your plumbing emergencies. What classifies as a plumbing emergency? Check out our list below, and give us a call:

● Burst pipes
● Clogged toilets
● No hot water
● Burst sewer lines

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