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clogged sink Ira Hansen

How To Keep a Sink Free From Blockages

Anyone who's owned or rented a home knows how frustrating clogged sinks or drains can be. Worse, it can happen relatively frequently. The plumbing system is filled with extremely narrow pipes, making it incredibly easy for a clog to form, so it is important to understand how to prevent this from happening.

Taking the necessary steps to avoid clogs will save a plumbing system in the long run and save money on repairs and damages to the home. The trick is to do these things often. If drains get cleaned once a week, they are less likely to experience clogs.

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Cooking Grease Is a Sink's Worst Enemy

cooking grease Ira HansenThe problem with pouring cooking grease down a sink is that the grease solidifies once it cools down. Once the grease solidifies in the pipes, it is nearly impossible for water or anything else to get through.

Ideally, hot water will allow the grease to make it farther in the plumbing system and away from your home. But grease in the plumbing system is still grease in the plumbing system, no matter how much hot water is poured along with it. The grease will eventually reach a cooling point and solidify somewhere else in the plumbing system.

The best thing to do with cooking grease is to pour it in a cup and then throw it away once it cools down. Doing this will keep the grease out of the plumbing system entirely.

The Proper Way To Use a Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal Ira Hansen
With a garbage disposal installed in the home, it feels like anything is fair game. However, this is not the case. Homeowners should still be mindful of what they let go down the drain.

Some things that should never be thrown in the garbage disposal are:

    Cooking grease
    Coffee grounds
    Seeds and pits
All of these things will quickly cause problems for the garbage disposal. It is also important to have the water running before and after using the disposal. Water helps the blades perform their best without getting dulled down or locking up while trying to cut through food.

And garbage disposals can't handle everything thrown in them all at once. This can easily overpower the disposal and cause it to break. The garbage disposal is there to chew through the scrap food left on the plate after most of it has already been scraped into the trash can.

Investing in a Drain Stopper

drain stoppers Ira HansenA drain stopper is something placed in the drain to help catch leftover food scraps. They can be made from metal or rubber, and work to keep your plumbing system free from clogging longer.

The best thing about drain stoppers is that they can catch even the smallest stuff. Some drain stoppers have a metal net rather than holes, which ensure they catch things as small as coffee grounds.

That said, drain stoppers need to be cleaned frequently. It is best to clean it after every use to ensure it stays as clean as possible. If not, food will start to stick to the stopper and become a breeding ground for germs.

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