The Benefits of Drain Cleaning: Why Is It So Important?

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why is regular drain cleaning so important Ira Hansen

The Benefits of Drain Cleaning: Why Is It So Important?

What Is So Important About Drain Cleaning?

Homeowners can often overlook routine drain cleaning. The best-case scenario is one of a slowly-clogging drain that becomes noticeable over time. First, the water drains slowly, and then it stops draining altogether. The worst-case scenario for those drains that don’t get cleaned is one of a quickly-clogging drain. One day water just won’t drain, and it’s time to call a plumber for an effective drain cleaning.

But many homeowners don’t realize that there’s a deeper problem happening when the drains are allowed to remain dirty. They don’t know that it’s not just the drain itself that can clog, but the drain pipe can also develop a tough clog over time. When this happens, it could cost much more to fix than a simple drain cleaning. So read on to find out why drain cleaning is so powerful - and so important.

Fewer Clogs and Faster Drainage

The most obvious benefit of regular drain cleaning is fewer clogs. Whether it’s a kitchen sink, a shower drain, or the drainage pipe for the washing machine, getting them cleaned regularly virtually ensures fewer clogs. There are a lot of things that go down the drains, despite the homeowner’s best efforts. Hair is a major culprit when it comes to bathroom drains. Grease, coffee grounds, and tough vegetable skins are known for causing clogs in kitchen drains. Even the most careful person can’t prevent buildup in the drain.

Faster drainage is also an essential factor. Drains that are kept clean can do what they were designed to do: whisk wastewater away. It’s never good to have standing water around - especially in a sink that’s used regularly.

reduces odors Ira Hansen

Reduces Both Foul Odors and the Need for Repairs

Clean drains also reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs. After all, clogged pipes are one of the most common causes of costly home repairs. Keeping the drains clean is like keeping the walking areas clear of a home. When the hallways are piled with toys, books, trash, and other debris, it’s just a matter of time before someone trips and gets hurt. When drains aren’t kept clean, it’s just a matter of time before they get severely clogged and must be cleaned by a professional plumber.

But the benefits don’t end there! Many homeowners have experienced a strange and awful smell coming from their drains, which is a common occurrence with dirty drains. The buildup of gunk and waste eventually starts to break down and emanate a terrible smell. It’s not only something most homeowners want to avoid for their own sake, but it’s also embarrassing to have a stinky drain when guests are at the house!

Why Not Use a Liquid Drain Cleaner?

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One of the first things many homeowners do when they have a clogged drain is head to the store to buy a liquid drain cleaner. While this certainly is an option, it’s not the greatest one out there. Although these drain cleaners are considered “safe” to use, they are by no means good for the environment. Most of them contain highly corrosive chemicals that end up harming local wildlife and threatening the environment.

Since they are corrosive, they can also cause damage to the plumbing, especially when used regularly. Plus, they don’t actually clean the drain as a plumber does. There’s almost always buildup and residue left over if the chemicals work to break the clog at all. For small clogs, pouring hot water down the drain is a good option. Vinegar and baking soda, along with hot water, can also work well and won’t damage the pipes or the environment.

But none of these options beat a professional plumber when it comes to drain cleaning. So for homeowners dealing with slow drains and constant clogs, contact a local plumbing company for help.

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