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Putting a Sink into Granite

One of the most active rooms in any home is the kitchen, and putting in a new sink and granite countertop can upgrade both the look and function of this room. Any Reno, NV homeowners thinking about updating their kitchen must take into account the potential pitfalls. Granite is not an easy stone to work with and is also pricey.

There's no room for error, so every cut must be done correctly on the first try. Getting a high-quality kitchen plumbing company to lend their services is also essential. We've put together a short list of several things you should know before engaging in this type of work. Here's what you need to consider when putting a sink into a granite countertop.

Find the Right Sink for the Job

“matchingsink”Before starting work on the countertop, you must find the right sink for the project. It has to fit comfortably within the counter space that is available while also being able to serve your family's needs. The cutting process is more trying with a large sink.

And a small sink won't suit the needs of a busy kitchen. It's also important to remember you will need enough space for fixtures like spouts and taps. Major hardware outlets should have an extensive line of kitchen plumbing products for you to select from. We recommend you see all your options to find the best sink for your kitchen.

No Mistakes When Measuring

“rightmeasurement”Each measurement you take must be as close to perfect as possible. You only get one attempt at making each cut, and even tiny mistakes can ruin the project forcing you to start over.

The type of sink you purchase will also affect your measurements. Sinks generally come in two varieties: top-mounting and undermounted. The first is seated within the granite and needs an opening large enough to fit the sink but small enough for its rim to rest on top of the counter.

Undermounts need an opening the exact size of the sink, so it fits snuggly beneath the countertop. If your sink doesn't come with slots for your tap fixtures, separate measurements and cuts will need to be made for them. Precise measurements result in a successful project.

Don't Be Afraid to Get Help

“callaplumber”Shaping and cutting granite isn't a job you should do alone. It's a task that requires the help of a professional.

They will have access to specialized knowledge and tools. A certified contractor's equipment isn't available to regular consumers. If you attempt this project alone, you may be creating a hazardous situation.

If you want things to be done safely and correctly, put the job in the hands of a kitchen plumbing technician. Some plumbers also offer replacement guarantees for countertops that are compromised during the project. Get help from an expert and make sure things are finished right.