Time to Go Back to School With Water Heaters 101

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Learn the basics of water heaters

Understanding the Basics of Water Heaters

The back-to-school time of the year is fast approaching, and that means many children and young adults are getting ready to go back into the classroom for the start of a new school year. But, of course, learning doesn’t end when people become adults. With this in mind, now seems like the perfect time to learn the basics of water heaters!

Sure, this may not seem like the most interesting topic of all, but homeowners and their families use and rely on their water heaters almost every single day. Thus, going through a Water Heater 101 class can be extremely valuable! Homeowners should know how to choose and maintain a water heater, determining when repairs are in order. Read on for all of this information and more!

Choosing a Water Heater

water heater When it comes to choosing a water heater, there are many different options to pick from. Here are some common ones:
  • Electric water heaters - these can heat water instantly and tend to be highly efficient relative to other models
  • Gas water heaters - leverages convection from a furnace to heat water, which is then stored until needed by the plumbing appliances and fixtures throughout the home
  • Tankless water heaters - instead of having a tank, these have heated coils that heat water quickly, providing for an immediate on-demand supply of water

There are other types of water heaters, such as solar-powered water heaters, but those described above are some of the most common.

Maintaining Water Heaters

When it comes to maintenance, homeowners and their families can take a handful of actions to prolong the life of their water heaters and prevent costly repairs down the line. Here are a few key tips:

  • Check for leaks, rusting, cracks, and any other potential damage
  • Invest in insulation for the surrounding piping and water heater itself
  • Keep the temperature around 120 degrees to prevent unnecessary overheating
  • Remove sediment buildup annually by “flushing” the water heater

Even just taking one or two of these steps can prolong the life of people’s water heaters and ensure continued functionality and efficiency.

Determining When Repairs Are Neededwater heater

Lastly, it is important to know when repairs are needed and, in turn, when it is time to seek out professional help. Some common signs that homeowners should look out for include:

  • Abnormal sounds from the tank
  • Corrosion
  • Discolored water
  • Inconsistent water temperatures
  • Shorter periods of sustained hot water

Homeowners and their families should notice these signs relatively quickly, as many of them have to do with the actual water that comes through the system and into the plumbing appliances and fixtures.

Should any of these signs occur, homeowners should call for immediate professional help. Most plumbing professionals have years or potentially decades of experience dealing with homeowners’ water heater issues. They can find fast, efficient, and effective solutions!

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