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Ghost or water heater issues?

Haunting Water Heater Sounds To Check on

Whether a home is new to a homeowner or not, everyone knows the jarring feeling of unsettling or unfamiliar noises. While most noises heard around the house are normal and nothing to second guess, some noises may require some extra attention. Others, however, may just be a characteristic of the house and don’t indicate any issue at all. As the cooler months approach, homeowners will use and appreciate their water heater even more than usual. To ensure a water heater is running smoothly, it’s essential to listen for a few noises that indicate problems or potential problems ahead. 

While these noises may sound haunting, they’re likely just a sign it’s time to call the plumber or something a new homeowner will just have to get accustomed to with time. 

Popping Sounds 

If a water heater starts to sound like there is popping coming from the tank, it is likely due to an excess of mineral or sediment buildup in the tank. This is normal to accumulate if a homeowner has hard water where they live. Over time, the sediments, usually consisting of lime and calcium, settle at the bottom of the tank and lead to popping sounds. 

The reason sediment in the tank causes popping noises is that water becomes trapped below it. Once the water is trapped, it continues to heat up in a smaller area leading to a boiling. If left unchecked, this could lead to overfilling water, or even a tank explosion if it’s an older model. So, if any popping is heard, it is very important to call a local plumber. 

Screeching or Low Water Pressure

water heater

Screeching is a good indicator of restricted water flow. This restriction is most likely due to something called the inlet control valve on the water heater itself. If this valve got partially closed for some reason, it will restrict water flow and lead to the ominous screeching noise.

Luckily for the homeowner, this problem comes with a simple fix. Just check the valve and make sure it is completely open. This should solve the problem. If problems persist for some reason, it’s probably time to call the local plumber to check out the tank. 

Crackling in the Water Heater Closet

A crackling sound is only present in homes with a gas heating system. The crackling simply indicates that there is condensation on the burner, but it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the water heater or gas heating system at all. The only drawback, though, is that the homeowner may need to endure the crackling, unfortunately. 

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Homeowners should keep an ear out for any unfamiliar noises as this may be indicative of something off with the water heater. As always, if there is an issue, make sure to call a qualified professional to examine the water tank.

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