Why Haven't You Been Told About Dangers of Liquid Plumbing Fumes?


Dangerous Liquid Plumbing Fumes to Avoid

With the new year come new lessons. Some lessons are hard to learn, but they are often the hardest to forget. And for good reason! When a driver gets into a car accident after having a few too many at the bar, they learn the hard way to never drink and drive again. When a kid wanders off into the street with fast traffic, their parent learns to never take their eyes off of their kid.

And when liquid plumbing fumes are released into the home, homeowners should do everything they can to prevent those fumes from filling the air again. Liquid plumbing fumes are often caused by chemical drain cleaners and can be toxic, but many individuals don’t know this!

They can cause breathing irritation, eye irritation, and unpleasant smells. The worst part is these fumes can stick around long after the product has gone down the drain. Luckily, there are a few tactics homeowners can use to mitigate the dangers of these fumes.

Avoiding Toxic Chemicals

toxic chemicalsChemical cleaners are a host of many toxic ingredients. When someone takes a step back after opening a bottle of cleaner because the smell of the chemicals is so strong, it’s clearly not a user-safe option.

Or when the directions on the back of the bottle tell the user to wear gloves, to not make contact with the skin, to not touch the eyes or mouth after using the product, or other safety precautions like this, these are all signs that the product has toxic chemicals and should be avoided. However, many homeowners don’t take as much caution as they should with products like these, so they are commonly held in many homes.

Products like Drano and Liquid-PlumR are among the most popular liquid drain cleaning solutions, but they are filled with toxic chemicals like muriatic, sulfuric or hydrochloric acids as well as other chemicals like bleach. When these chemicals come into contact with other household chemicals or products, they can create toxic fumes. If inhaled, they can cause harm to a person’s nose, throat, or other parts of the body, or even worse drain cleaner poisoning.

Chemical Cleaners Cause Skin Irritation

Because these chemicals in liquid drain cleaners are so dangerous, it’s critical to take proper precautions when using them. Simply breathing in the fumes of the chemicals can cause nose and throat irritation. Wearing a mask can help avoid this. However, these chemicals are even more dangerous if they touch the skin.

skin irritation

When these chemicals make contact with the skin, it can cause severe rashes or burns. Make sure to use heavy-duty gloves during use, and wash the hands and skin afterward too.

Chemical Cleaners Are Dangerous for the Eyes

dangerous for eyesPeople’s hands touch everything, from the doorknob on the bathroom to the buttons on an ATM. So it’s important to wash hands frequently, but it is especially important to wash them after handling toxic chemicals.

If someone has even the smallest bit of chemical residue on their fingers and then touches their eyes, it can result in serious burns and eye irritation. If this occurs, immediately rinse the eye under a faucet to wash it out and seek medical attention if the pain does not go away.

To avoid this medical emergency, it may be best to wear safety glasses and, again, wash hands thoroughly after using these chemicals. Or, maybe it’s best to avoid dangerous liquid drain cleaners and find a safer way to clean drains in the first place.

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Will My Plumbing Systems Or Services Ever Be Automated?


Understanding the Future of Your Plumbing System

Barely a day goes by without a news story online or on TV about how robots or even AI, artificial intelligence, will be taking over everyone’s jobs in the future. Everyone from truck drivers to wait staff are all in danger. But what about plumbing? Not to worry! The following information will show you that it’s unrealistic to think plumbing will fall to the same automated fate.

Dealing with Plumbing Issues in Hard to Reach Areas

slab leaksSlab leaks are a tricky problem that can face any homeowner with a house built on a foundation. Now, it’s true that some new houses are being built with “smart” foundations, but any existing homes don’t have that luxury, which means that if a slab leak happens in your home, you’re going to need to contact a local plumber.

Slab leaks happen when the pipes laid in the concrete foundation of a building, leak. If left long enough, these leaks can eventually damage the foundation, which can be a costly repair.

Plumbers can locate the leak in the slab, using very specific equipment, and then repair it by either using a jackhammer to reach the pipe or using tools to laterally reach the leak. Either way, until every house is built with a smart foundation, plumbers will still be needed for slab leaks.

Bathroom Plumbing May Get Upgraded

Of course, there are definitely certain aspects of plumbing that can be automated, and it’s okay to upgrade your house in this manner! Smart showers and smart toilets are two such ways of automation in bathroom plumbing, and perhaps you’ve already seen these in person. It’s not uncommon to visit a public restroom only to find a toilet that flushes on its own.

bathroom plumbing

This saves you from flushing the toilet yourself, preventing the spread of disease and illness. Automation like this can be great! It’s time-saving and can be better for the environment and everyone's health and safety. And when those smart toilets break down, a plumber will still have to come and repair them. Automation and plumbers can work together to move into the future.

Tradesmen Are More Important Than Ever!

tradesmenHaving a trade job, such as being a plumber, is a position that requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and technical know-how. It’s why it can take a lot of training to become an excellent plumber.

Though in the future it’s possible that robots and AI will be able to take over some aspects of the plumbing industry, as long as there are issues or emergencies that require human ingenuity, then human plumbers will be here to stay.

Not to mention as technology continues to progress, there will be a need for people to run and manage the automated and AI plumbing systems too, which is another way plumbers can adapt to this ever-changing world.

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Falling Leaves Mean More Sewer Cleaning Coming This Season


Are You Ready to Clean Sewers?

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The weather is changing, the leaves are beautiful and there are lots of opportunities to get outdoors for festivals, events, and activities. From pumpkin patches to corn mazes and costumes, it’s a time of year that many people look forward to with great anticipation.

But autumn also means lots of leaves falling, and those leaves have to go somewhere. As a result, oftentimes drains can get clogged and backed up this time of year, making it a good time for sewer cleaning.

A Sewer System Overview

sewer systemYour home’s plumbing system has two piping systems - one to carry clean water into the home and one to carry wastewater out. The line for wastewater primarily uses gravity to carry waste down and out of your house.

It then flows into the main drain line, which connects to a city or municipal sewer line and carries the waste to a wastewater treatment plant.

While the main drain line isn’t a part of the home’s plumbing system that most people think about very often, it plays an integral role in your plumbing system and ensures that wastewater is effectively carried out of your home.

The Importance of Keeping the Main Drain Line Clear

When a drain or pipe in your house is backed up, it causes a back up at just that location. This can lead to a variety of problems and can cause damage to your home. While one backup is inconvenient and problematic, imagine what would happen if all of your drains were backed up.

main drain line

This is essentially what happens if the main drain line is blocked. When the mainline is blocked, wastewater can’t properly exit the home. As a result, it effectively blocks all drains in your home and makes your home’s plumbing systems ineffective.

Concerns Regarding Raw Sewage

sewageAs you can imagine, if the mainline remains blocked, it can start to cause blockages in drains throughout your home. What’s worse, if the problem isn’t dealt with, sewage will start to flow upwards because it has nowhere to go.

This creates all kinds of problems throughout the home which are inconvenient and messy. Further, raw sewage backing up in your home can create a number of health hazards. Finally, it can be incredibly expensive to clean up.

In order to avoid this headache and to keep your home’s plumbing systems functioning properly, it’s important to keep your main drain line clear. Especially during the fall when lots of leaves are coming down!

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