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Plumbing Tip Fails from DIY Dads

Where would we be without our fathers? They wrap us in their protective arms from the day that we’re born and never let go. Those arms teach us how to stay strong when times get tough and teach us how to love the people that matter most. Dad always knows best, except for the times when he doesn’t.

We’ve all got memories of our dad digging into a project and getting elbow deep before realizing that he doesn’t know how to fix the toilet. In the spirit of Father’s Day, let’s revisit some of dad’s greatest plumbing fails.

Toilet Installation Gone Wrong

personalinjuriesIn many cases, installing a new toilet is straightforward and simple. However, there are plenty of ways that it can go wrong if dad doesn’t know what he’s doing. After he’s removed the old toilet, did your plumbing dad remember to inspect the flooring for damage before installing the new toilet?

If there’s any water damage, wooden floors can be warped or weakened. Damaged flooring can cause many problems. First, the floor will be unstable, which is unsafe. Also, an uneven floor makes it very difficult to get a good wax seal on the new toilet.

If the seal on the new toilet isn’t right, it could leak just like the old one. In this case, you could end up with a lot of water damage under the floor. If the bathroom is on an upper level, the water will eventually make its way to the room below and cause damage to its ceiling.

Overall, the cost to fix the water damage will be much higher, so it’s best to have a professional replace a toilet if your dad isn’t sure what he’s doing.

Perpetual Water Leaks

pipeducttapeIf your mom finds a leak under her kitchen sink and brings it to your dad’s attention, the last thing she probably expects is for him to grab his trusty roll of duct tape. Much to your dad’s surprise, duct tape does NOT solve every problem.

Duct tape works perfectly for patching a tent, doubling as a lint roller, or make crafts, but it’s not a water-tight solution for a leaky pipe. It might help stem the flow of water for a little while, but it’s not a permanent solution.

To avoid further water damage from the leak, because duct tape isn’t actually a fix for it, encourage your dad to call a professional to replace the pipe, reseal the connections, or replace the fixtures. Both mom and dad will thank you when they realize how much money they saved by getting professional help.

Snaking a Clogged Drain

snakedrainingDrain snaking is Plumbing 101, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy for someone without professional training. Your dad probably feels confident in his skills because he has, no doubt, had a lot of success with fixing things around the house.

However, you can cause major problems if you drain snake when you aren’t sure what you’re doing. If you’re not a trained plumber, you will have a harder time telling the difference between the feeling of hitting a curve in the pipe and hitting the clog.

If you think you’ve reached the clog, but you’ve actually just encountered a curve in the pipe, you could end up drilling a hole through a perfectly good pipe. A professional will have to come in to replace the pipe, which is a much more expensive repair than snaking the pipe. As you can see, a well-meaning plumbing dad can unintentionally create a much bigger issue.

DIY Dads are the Best!

You can learn an awful lot from a curious dad who likes to try new things. Some of our best memories are standing by our dad’s side, handing him tools while he worked through our mom’s honey-do list. However, some jobs are best left to the professionals.

In honor of Father’s Day, give your dad a call and tell him how much you appreciate everything he taught you. And remember, when you have a problem with your plumbing, call a professional.