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March 22: Commemorating World Water Day

world-waterIt’s the day created to highlight the value of clean water in communities around the world. World Water Day is an event that requires us to consider how we use water and recognize that over 1 in 10 people globally doesn’t have access to clean water today.

In this latest post, we’ll take a look at the World Water Day Event, what it means for us and what you can do locally to make a difference in your own community.

Recognizing Our World Resource Challenges

The World Water Day event was created formally by the UN in 1993 in recognition of the ongoing challenges we face in meeting water requirements globally. With 1 in 3 lacking access to a clean toilet, and 1 in 10 people worldwide not having access to fresh, clean water, there is a looming humanitarian issue that must be resolved.

World Water Day has spawned regional events across the globe, as communities come together to take on one of our most difficult and pressing issues.

What You Can Do

In reviewing the challenges we face across the globe, there are actions that you can take on a global level that can help to mitigate your impact on the available water resources. Here are several options:

water-dropReduce your number of showers: Instead of showering every day, you might consider switching to showering every other day and finding other ways to freshen up. Each 10-minute shower can lead to the use of over 17 gallons of water. And this can mean that you’re wasting hundreds of gallons a week.

Speak with others on the issues: You can also make your impact on the world water crisis by speaking with others about the types of challenges we face in ensuring everyone has access to drinking water. You might consider joining or starting community groups to discuss water access challenges.

Install low flow toilets: The use of low-flow toilets can help you cut the amount of water you use with each flush by half. This will help protect local resources and limit your impact on the environment over the coming year.

Our professional team is here to introduce you to the latest low flow systems for your home. To learn more about how you can reduce your water consumption this World Water Day, contact our Reno, NV experts directly at (775) 626-7777.