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Learn all the Benefits of Low Flow and Dual Flush Toilets

As a homeowner, it’s important that you have access to the latest information on the products that can improve your property.

When you consider new improvements to the home, the products you select should offer both performance value and long-term cost savings.  

It’s part of the reason so many are now considering the latest low-flow and dual flush toilet options. In this latest post, we’ll explain the performance of low-flow and dual flush toilets, and dive more into the benefits they can bring to your home.

How Low Flow and Dual Flush Toilets Work

Without having experience in the plumbing industry, you might not have a clear understanding of the true performance value that low flow and dual flush toilets can bring to your home. So, let’s look at each product and their performance benefits.

Low Flow Toilets Limit Water Usebenefits_of_dual_flush_toilets

Low flow toilets were first introduced in the 1990s. The early systems used a 1.6-gallon tank with a limited flushing mechanism. This is likely the source behind the myth that low flow toilets don’t work effectively.

Now, the flush valve is larger on low flow toilets. Allowing for a stronger flush that rivals even toilets with exceptionally large tanks

Dual Flush Toilets Offer Customized Flushing

Dual flush toilets have been designed to give the user the option to control the flow of their flush. This means when they require a heavier flush to remove a large amount of waste, they can use the regular flush option on the system, while the low flow flush option allows the user to remove small amounts of waste in their plumbing.

This ensures that large amounts of water are not being used to remove only small amounts of waste.

save_on_water_bills_480The Clear Advantages of Dual Flush and Low Flow

Many homeowners are now discovering the benefits dual flush and low flow systems can bring to their home. One obvious example is the financial savings.

These systems can help you, as a homeowner, save hundreds of dollars on your water costs annually. And because they use less water than traditional systems, you’ll be helping to conserve local water resources ready for effective use in other areas.

Many property owners are now making a choice to turn to low flow and dual flush toilets. Now that you have the details of these systems and their performance, you can call our team directly to discuss installation.

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