Check Your Commitment Issues This Valentine's Day

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Check Your Commitment Issues This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day may be widely regarded as the holiday for love, but realistically, Valentine's Day isn't everyone's cup of tea. There are some who find the day to be a completely useless commercial holiday, whether they are in a relationship or not. Still, others don't appreciate the holiday because it is a reminder of their ever-present commitment issues.

If you are of the group who' disdain for Valentine's Day comes from an aversion to commitment, then we've got great news - Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing offers great plumbing maintenance plans without the long term commitment!

Make Sure You Keep Regular Drain Cleaning Appointments

draincleaningFor most homes, drain cleanings should be performed by a professional plumbing technician at least every six to twelve months.

Households with larger families in them might require more frequent cleanings, because more people in a home presumably means more hair in the shower drains, more food being disposed of in kitchen sinks, and more toilet use.

That said, you may be able to get away with only having your drains cleaned once a month if you live alone, or have a smaller family. Keeping regular drain cleaning appointments can help you get rid of stubborn clogs, end the cycle of recurring clogs, prevent certain plumbing emergencies, and even extend the life of your drain pipes.

Try Hydro Jetting to Extend The Time Between Cleanings

hydrojettingHydro jetting is a drain cleaning method that involves a stream of highly pressurized water flowing through your pipes to clean them. Think of it as pressure cleaning for the inside of your pipes.

It can extend the time between professional drain cleanings because it cleans your pipes more completely than other methods of drain cleaning.

Hydro jetting can remove things like mineral deposits, scale buildup, residue left behind by soap, fecal matter, food scraps, twigs, and other debris that can cause a drain to clog from your pipes.

Other, more traditional, methods of drain cleaning may partially remove clogs, but they cannot remove things like mineral, limescale, and other residue that may be built up along the pipe walls.

DIY Drain Cleaning in Between Professional Visits

cleanathomeFinally, even if you are having your drains cleaned annually with a professional hydro jetting service, it is always a good idea to perform a little DIY maintenance in between professional drain cleaning appointments.

If you have your drains jetted once a year, you may want to clean out your drains yourself every six months. Just make sure that you are using a drain snake (purchased from your local hardware store) to clean the drain.

Never use liquid cleaners like Draino, as they tend to do more harm than good by leaving a residue on the inner walls of your pipes which can eventually lead to a clog. Of course, maintenance service plans like these are specifically geared towards homeowners who will likely have the same plumbing system for several years.

If you rent your home, you may not be open to committing to a maintenance plan right now, and that is perfectly fine. At Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing, we are okay with keeping your drain cleaning appointment casual. Just give us a call at (775) 626-7777 whenever you need us!

Our Best Tips For Dealing With a Leaking Toilet

- Leak Detection & Repair

Our Best Tips For Dealing With a Leaking Toilet

Are you concerned about the leaking water sounds coming from your toilet? A leaking toilet can cause more than an annoying sound; it can also cause an increase in your monthly water bill. Luckily, fixing a leaking toilet isn't as complicated as you may think it is.

There are usually a handful of problems that could cause your toilet to run water, and we have gathered some information on the best ways you can fix and avoid a leaking toilet in the future.

Regularly Inspect Your Toilet Flapper

flapperThe first tip we have is to inspect your toilet flapper and other elements inside your tank regularly, or about every six months. Why? Most of the time, if your toilet is running water, it is because there is a problem with your toilet flapper.

The toilet flapper is a covering that fits either over or inside of your tank overflow pipe and controls the flow of water into the bowl when your toilet is flushed. It should lift to let water in while the toilet is flushing, and lower to cover the opening when it is not.

Whether your toilet uses a seat disk, tank ball, or rubber cap flapper, it may be vulnerable to breaking or wearing thin over time. If you have a rubber cap or tank ball flapper, check that the chain that connects the flapper to the flush handle is the correct length. This is a common problem that can cause leaks.

Look Out For These Other Possible Causes of a Running Toilet

runningtoiletOther parts of your toilet system may be to blame for the leaking toilet as well. For example, if your float is set too high, the water level in the tank will cause it to spill over into the overflow tube and leak.

If the float is to low, the water level will be too low to provide an adequate flush. Another thing to check is the fill tube.

This is a small, flexible tube that transports water from the fill valve to the overflow pipe. If it becomes disconnected, it could be affecting your toilets flush, and eventually, cause a leak.

Other Toilet Maintenance Tips That May Help

Good toilet maintenance is essential to avoiding problems like leaks and running water in your toilet. Follow these toilet maintenance tips to keep your toilet working at peak condition for as long as possible:

  1. maintainDo not dispose of anything other than human waste and toilet paper in your toilet.
  2. Avoid flushing big wads of toilet paper down the drain at once.
  3. Use only mild cleaners to clean your toilet bowl and avoid harsh chemicals.
  4. Never use a liquid drain cleaner to unclog your toilet. Use a plunger instead, or call the professionals at Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing.

Tell us your favorite toilet maintenance tips in the comments below, so our readers can see them too! The next time your toilet is leaking or running water, give Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing, located in Reno, a call at (775) 626-7777!

Top 10 Plumbing Memes of 2018!

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Top 10 Plumbing Memes of 2018!

Hello and welcome to the Best Plumbing Meme Awards! At Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing, we know the importance of enjoying the funnier things in life, while also being serious professionals.

That’s why, as 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to take a moment to honor some of the plumbing memes we saw this year that made us laugh the most. So without further ado, Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing proudly presents the top 10 best plumbing memes of 2018!

10. The Social Shower Curtain
This is a somewhat amusing picture of someone using a funny shower curtain designed to look like its own facebook page. While it gets points for being meta, this isn’t really a meme, so we’re leaving it at #10.socialmedia

9. It’s Really “Nut” That Funny
The next meme finds itself this low on the list due to a lack of originality. It’s a pun about a nut, and even says itself that it’s “nut funny”!nut

8. Points for Educational Value
This meme is hands down the least funny meme on our list. How so? Well, there's no punchline, so there's no joke. But that's okay because this meme's merit lies not in its humor, but in its educational value.drano

7. The Ron Burgundy
Who doesn’t love a good Anchorman meme?! And as much as we all roll our eyes at the “look how big my biceps are” jokes, this one is pretty funny!pipes

6. An Unfortunate Viking Adventure
This meme takes the #6 spot just because the image of a man floating through a flooded basement in a storage tub while wearing a Viking hat is amusing. It's not higher on the list because the caption isn't very

5. The Most Interesting Plumbing Meme in the World
We can never say no to a "The Most Interesting Man in the World" meme. They are always so relatable, and this plumbing specific one is no exception! Let's be honest; no one ever remembers to get everything they need for a plumbing job on the first trip to the hardware store!interestingman

4. SMH
This meme made it pretty high on the list by sheer force of head shaking that it induced. It’s so dumb, but you have to admit, it made you laugh!cutwater

3. The Unexpected Punchline
This meme made us laugh out loud because of the abrupt and unexpected punchline. And on a more serious note, more people need to see this meme. Seriously...just don’t.hotoil

2. Obligatory Cat Meme
No funny meme countdown list would be complete without at least one cat meme, and ours is no different! Please enjoy this little guy as much as we did!cat

1. We Love Dog Memes!
As much as we all love a good cat meme, we are suckers for cute dog memes! These two adorable handy “helpers” snuck into the top spot on cuteness alone! That wraps up our countdown of the top 10 best plumbing memes from 2018! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Don't forget to share with your friends to send them a laugh. And remember, if you are in need of plumbing service in Reno, call Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing at (775) 626-7777!

Are You Using The Best Plumbing Backflow Prevention?

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Are You Using The Best Plumbing Backflow Prevention?

Backflow is a serious plumbing issue that should always be taken seriously. It is important to install the best plumbing prevention devices, to protect your family from the dangers associated with backflow, and to have that device routinely tested at least once a year.

How can you tell when backflow has occurred? Look for the following signs:

A decrease in water quality, as evidenced by drinking water that is discolored, oily, soapy, cloudy, or foamy. Water may also have unpleasant tastes or smells of salt, medicine, fuel, or other chemicals.

Lowered water pressure, which is likely the reason the backflow occurred. Perhaps we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves here. You may have some important questions like “what the heck is backflow?” or “what kind of prevention device should I install?” so let’s examine those things.

Do You Know What Backflow Is?

“whatis”Backflow is when the water that is supposed to flowing away from your home flows in the wrong direction and mixes in with the potable water flowing into your home.

This brings with it all manners of contaminants including human waste, dirt, soap residue, and other bacteria and chemicals that can cause severe illness and even hospitalization.

One issue that can cause backflow is a broken water line. When a line breaks, that instantly changes the pressure in your pipes, and when the pressure in a pipe is lost, the water is no longer being pushed out of your home so that it can slide back into your water supply lines.

How Can an Air Gap Help?

“airgap”One option for backflow prevention is to install a tundish to create an air gap in your system, through which contaminated water cannot flow through.

Tundishes are usually installed near or on a pressure relief valve. They are convenient because they come in a range of sizes and angles to fit just about any pipe system.

Creating an air gap are can also protect against backpressure, another form of backflow.

Try a Pressure Vacuum Breaker!

“vacuumbreakers”Pressure vacuum breakers are another affordable backflow prevention system option you may consider.

As said earlier, backflow is often caused by a change in the pressure within your pipes. Pressure vacuum breakers have a check valve that will usually allow water to pass through.

If something goes wrong though, and the air pressure becomes higher than the water pressure in the water pipes, the devices vented chamber will begin to open and close the check valve to prevent backflow.

So What is The Right Device For Your Home?

“rightforhome”This question should be answered after an in-depth evaluation of your home’s unique plumbing system.

Living in Reno, NV, where our winters don’t get very cold, a pressure vacuum breaker should do just fine, unless there are other issues with your pipes that are better handled by an air gap device like a tundish.

Remember that air gaps are especially helpful in preventing backpressure, so if this is a concern for you, keep that in mind. We leave you with this:

Whatever backflow device you choose to install, make sure to have it tested and certified by a plumbing professional on a yearly basis. Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing is always available to help our community stay safe from backflow!

A Student’s Guide to Plumbing Materials

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A Student’s Guide to Plumbing Materials

New to the world of plumbing services? Not sure what material would be the best option to replace the pipes in your home? Today there are so many options available for plumbing materials, that it can be overwhelming to find the best one.

The truth is that the kind of material you should use depends on the type of home you live in, your lifestyle, and your budget. Continue reading to learn a bit more about three of the leading options for plumbing materials.

Cast Iron

“castiron”The first plumbing material we'll be looking at today is cast iron. This metal, made of a combination of carbon and iron, is often used for drain waste vent pipes but is also a good choice for any underground pipes or for stacking indoor pipes.

Like any plumbing material, it has its benefits as well as its drawbacks. To start with, cast iron has less of a fire hazard attached to it than plastic piping, since it is not flammable and doesn't emit harmful gases when it becomes heated to a certain temperature.

Cast Iron pipes are especially useful in apartment buildings or condominiums, as well as corporate office buildings because the thickness of the metal makes for excellent sound suppression. Iron is also incredibly durable, and despite its weight, is still fairly easy to install.

While cast iron pipes cost about the same as other metal pipes, it is far more expensive than plastic, or PVC, pipes. The installation of cast iron pipes, however, may be more costly, as it is heavy and may require more technicians for the job. Laying cast iron pipes in a home of about 1,500 square feet with 2 bathrooms can cost as much as $8,000-$10,000.

Chrome Copper Pipes

“chromecopper”Chromed copper pipes may cost as much as cast iron, but they are still the most popular material used in plumbing today (and have been for over 70 years)!

This is likely due to copper's ability to resist corrosion, as well as its ability to hold up against high water pressure (as much as 1,000 psi of pressure).

Copper is lightweight and therefore, more comfortable, safer, and less expensive to install than other metal pipes. Copper is also a lead-free metal and is more eco-friendly than PVC or other plastic pipes.

Used mainly for water supply lines (like your bathroom and kitchen plumbing), copper pipes cost more to install than plastic pipes, but they also last far longer. It can cost as much as $6,000 to $10,000 to install copper pipes in a 1,500 sq ft home with two bathrooms.

PVC (or Poly Vinyl Chloride)

“pvc”Finally, we reach the age of Polyvinyl Chloride (or PVC) pipes. Plastic pipes are becoming increasingly popular for use as drain waste vent or water supply pipes.

They do not last as long as metal pipes, but are so affordable and easy to work with that they can often be replaced with little to no problem. PVC is a lightweight and flexible non-toxic plastic. Due to its flexibility, PVC can be used in a range of areas for different purposes.

The cost of working with PVC is far lower than any metal pipe material. In fact, PVC piping only costs around $3-$4 per sqft of piping versus the $10-$20 per square foot that copper pipes cost.

Bathroom Plumbing Technology is Booming!

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Bathroom Plumbing Technology is Booming!

Over the last two decades, bathroom plumbing has taken some significant steps towards becoming more high-tech. Everything from shower heads, to sink faucets, to toilets can now be found with automated digital controls.

Are you ready to bring some new bathroom plumbing technology into your home? Read on to learn more about how Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing can help you do it!

Digitally Control Your Shower

Installing a digital control system in your home shower is so simple, it often takes less than a full day to do! That’s right! In one day you could be stepping into your new high-tech digital shower that features the following conveniences:


  • Controls can be easily installed and mounted on any wall, anywhere in the room, as well as inside the shower.
  • Because one knob or panel controls the entire system, there’s no bulky faucet handles or clutter!
  • Control water temperature, water flow, speed, and duration of the shower with one touch.
  • Instantly switch between shower heads, or from the shower to a tub.
  • Some showers can even come with in-wall body sprayers, rain shower head, or steam option.
  • Connect your shower to your smartphone to program it from anywhere in your house.
  • Control in-shower music and lights with the touch of a button.

Install The Latest High-Tech Faucets

“hightechfaucets”Your bathroom sink faucet can also get a high-tech makeover with one of several innovative digital faucet designs.

Like digital showers, these faucets can be controlled and adjusted with mere touches.

If keeping your bathroom surfaces as clean and hygienic as possible, consider installing a new hands-free faucet!

Without laying a finger on the faucet, you can run water to wash your hands and face. Some of these hands-free models even come equipped with an automatic soap dispenser, so they also eliminate clutter on your bathroom counter!

Unwind With Automated Music And Chromotherapy

“chromatherapy”Imagine drifting in a warm tub of relaxing blue water while listening to the soothing nature soundscape.

The effects of color on the human brain are scientifically proven. That’s why spas around the world now feature chromotherapy baths, which use an array of colored LED lights to promote relaxation.

Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing can help you bring the spa experience home with Chromatherapy bathtub and shower head installation. We can even install automatic Bluetooth speakers right into your shower space, to help you fully immerse yourself in the relaxing environment.

Do Your Part to Help The Environment With Eco-Friendly Toilets

Advancements to make toilets more environmentally friendly began in 1994 when the federal government passed a law requiring that any new toilets built from that point on use no more than 1.6 gallons of water for each flush. Since then, manufacturers have come up with all kinds of ways to make toilets more eco-friendly.

  • The EPA denotes toilets that use only about half of the legal limit of water to flush (or about 1.28 gals) as WaterSense toilets.
  • Dual Flush Toilets have two settings to avoid wasting excess water. A full flush can be used to flush solid waste, while a half flush is sufficient for liquid waste.
  • Tank Lid Sink Toilets repurpose the runoff water from a sink mounted on the tank’s lid to flush the toilet, creating less water waste.
  • Call Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing today and ask about new bathroom plumbing installation!

    How To Deal with Smelly Plumbing and Drains

    - Drain Cleaning

    How To Deal with Smelly Plumbing and Drains

    Do you remember the last time you had drain cleaning services performed in your home? Although your drains are integral to the safety of the plumbing in your home, many homeowners neglect them.

    Over time this same neglect can allow for a buildup of bacteria and deposits in your plumbing, which can contaminate your water supply. Is there a rotten smell coming from your drains and sinks?

    Chances are you may be dealing with a drain issue already, which is why it’s important to understand how it can affect your home, and what you need to do about it.

    How Can a Contaminated Sink Affect Your Home

    As a homeowner, you should always be concerned with the importance of keeping your family safe and comfortable. That’s why a contaminated safe can be such a problem. It can:


    • Contaminate Your Water: Any contamination in your plumbing or drains can contaminate the water you use on a daily basis.

      Whether it’s washing dishes or rinsing foods, any contamination present in your plumbing will make its way onto you.

    • Damaged Plumbing: If there is a drainage issue causing the contamination, then you may be stuck with damaged plumbing as well. In most cases, this can easily be fixed with drain cleaning, but in other scenarios, you may need to replace sections of plumbing.
    • Higher Costs: Whenever your plumbing is not in top working order, it’s going to affect your bottom line. Water damage, plumbing repair, and fixture replacement can all easily wrack up expenses in your home.

    The easiest way to tell if your sink is contaminated is to look for any drainage issues or to try and locate the source of the smell. For many homes, a contaminated drain may be localized to only one bathroom or sink in your home, which can be a significant help.

    What’s Sulfur and Why Should it Be a Concern?

    “sulfur”What is sulfur? A sulfur buildup is caused by excess bacteria in your plumbing. In most scenarios, this will stem from excess bacteria in wastewater.

    If your sewer lines are damaged in any way, they may not do a good enough job of removing waste from your home. The root eventually grows roots in your home.

    Similarly, it can also be caused by the buildup of kitchen scraps and organic materials. If they’re not properly filtered through your sewer lines, they’ll build up and rot, making the perfect home for bacteria in your plumbing system.

    Call a Plumber Today!

    “whattodo”When it comes down to your sewer lines and the safety of your home and family, the best thing to do is trust a qualified plumber.

    At Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing we are your reliable Reno plumbing professionals. Our experts will inspect your plumbing lines, find the source of the contamination, and remove it using the best solution for your home.

    You can also trust us with all your regular drain cleaning needs, which is always the best way to prevent any contamination in your home’s plumbing.

    Putting a Sink into Granite

    - Kitchen Plumbing

    Putting a Sink into Granite

    One of the most active rooms in any home is the kitchen, and putting in a new sink and granite countertop can upgrade both the look and function of this room. Any Reno, NV homeowners thinking about updating their kitchen must take into account the potential pitfalls. Granite is not an easy stone to work with and is also pricey.

    There's no room for error, so every cut must be done correctly on the first try. Getting a high-quality kitchen plumbing company to lend their services is also essential. We've put together a short list of several things you should know before engaging in this type of work. Here's what you need to consider when putting a sink into a granite countertop.

    Find the Right Sink for the Job

    “matchingsink”Before starting work on the countertop, you must find the right sink for the project. It has to fit comfortably within the counter space that is available while also being able to serve your family's needs. The cutting process is more trying with a large sink.

    And a small sink won't suit the needs of a busy kitchen. It's also important to remember you will need enough space for fixtures like spouts and taps. Major hardware outlets should have an extensive line of kitchen plumbing products for you to select from. We recommend you see all your options to find the best sink for your kitchen.

    No Mistakes When Measuring

    “rightmeasurement”Each measurement you take must be as close to perfect as possible. You only get one attempt at making each cut, and even tiny mistakes can ruin the project forcing you to start over.

    The type of sink you purchase will also affect your measurements. Sinks generally come in two varieties: top-mounting and undermounted. The first is seated within the granite and needs an opening large enough to fit the sink but small enough for its rim to rest on top of the counter.

    Undermounts need an opening the exact size of the sink, so it fits snuggly beneath the countertop. If your sink doesn't come with slots for your tap fixtures, separate measurements and cuts will need to be made for them. Precise measurements result in a successful project.

    Don't Be Afraid to Get Help

    “callaplumber”Shaping and cutting granite isn't a job you should do alone. It's a task that requires the help of a professional.

    They will have access to specialized knowledge and tools. A certified contractor's equipment isn't available to regular consumers. If you attempt this project alone, you may be creating a hazardous situation.

    If you want things to be done safely and correctly, put the job in the hands of a kitchen plumbing technician. Some plumbers also offer replacement guarantees for countertops that are compromised during the project. Get help from an expert and make sure things are finished right.

    3 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs a Garbage Disposal

    - Kitchen Plumbing

    3 Reasons Every Homeowner Needs a Garbage Disposal

    Are you tired of dealing with all the waste produced by cooking? Do you want a better way to clean dishes? Homeowners in Reno, NV can boost their kitchen experience and save a load of cash by installing a garbage disposal.

    Get rid of discarded food with ease and keep the plumber away by maintaining a healthy plumbing system with one of these devices. It will upgrade your quality of life and become a huge part of your cooking and cleaning tasks.

    If you need more evidence, we've put it all together for you. Here are three reasons every homeowner needs a garbage disposal.

    1. Improved Dishwashing

    “washingdishes”It's always a dirty job cleaning up after a meal, but a garbage disposal can make it more pleasing. You can dispose of any leftover food before washing by flushing it down instantly.

    This allows you to soak pots, pans, plates, and utensils in clean water, so you don't have to dip your hands in nasty wastewater or handle a clogged up sink strainer. When you're done washing, any bits of food left in the sink can be flushed down the device easily. Post-meal clean up is a breeze with one of these units.

    2. Clean Pipes

    “clearpipes”Even if you do your best to stop it, food particles will always find a way into your drain.

    The bigger bits can get caught in the plumbing, and if enough of them gather together, they can form a clog. Any blockage in your pipes can cause a number of problems.

    Obstructing the flow of water can increase the pressure and eventually cause a leak. This can lead to water damage that spreads across your kitchen, which can be quite expensive to fix. Garbage disposal owners have no need to fear because every piece of food you don't use or eat gets sliced up into small enough bits to be flushed away.

    There's no debris left behind in your drain, which means there's no chance of clogs. Since you won't run into any problems, you also won't need to call in a plumber as often to conduct drain cleaning or plumbing repair services.

    3. Foul Odors Are Gone

    “cleansmell”The stench of old and rotting food is common in many kitchens. It's caused by food being trapped in drains or left to rest in garbage bins.

    What's more, the odor will remain until the drains are cleaned, or somebody throws out the trash. Nobody enjoys this awful smell, and it can put a hamper on any kitchen-related activities.

    With garbage disposals, you never have to live with the awful stench of decomposing food again. They're made to eliminate the food waste produced in a kitchen, such as during meal prep and scraps after eating. All food particles are flushed away, so there's nothing left to stink up the joint. As a bonus, because food waste can be so heavy, taking out the trash becomes an easy task.

    Signs to Look for when Deciding whether to Repair or Replace Plumbing

    - Plumbing

    Signs to Look for when Deciding whether to Repair or Replace Plumbing

    A lot of homeowners in Reno, NV have faced with the same dilemma whenever deciding what to do with a busted plumbing device. Do I have it fixed or call for a repipe? Calling for repairs may be less expensive, but it's often a short-term solution. Once the equipment breaks again, you will be dealing with the same dilemma.

    It may cost a lot of money in the here and now to buy a new device, but modern devices tend to be more energy efficient and need less maintenance. So how can you tell when to buy a replacement? Here's a breakdown of what to watch out for with several key plumbing devices.

    When to Buy a New Kitchen Sink

    “kitchensink”If your kitchen sink is full of cracks, it could be a big problem. Cracks often result in leaks, which can then cause water damage across your kitchen and lead to pricey repairs. Avoid this scenario by purchasing a new sink.

    Be sure the new kitchen sink you purchase comes with water-efficient faucets. These alone may help you significantly reduce water consumption and save you money on your water bill along the way.

    Signs of a Declining Water Heater

    “waterheater”Despite the fact water heaters are meant to last about ten years, many show signs of aging far before then.

    Rust spots, water leaks, and loud noises caused by sediment buildup are all signs of a water heater in decline. Either of these symptoms could drop the unit's efficiency and accelerate the rate of wear and tear.

    If you're ready to invest in a brand new water heater, you should think about getting a tankless model. These devices connect directly into a home's plumbing, which gives you have access to an unlimited supply of hot water at all times. Since there's no tank being used to store and warm up water, you get more storage space and save on fuel. Such features make tankless water heaters a great option.

    Purchasing a New Shower Top

    “showertop”A buildup of sediment in your shower top could spell trouble for your bathroom. The plumbing might become clogged and affect water pressure and efficiency.

    This could eventually lead to burst pipes and cause water damage. If you're ready to shop for a replacement shower top, be sure to get a water-efficient model. This will reduce water consumption while saving you a bit of cash on your water bill.

    Modern Washing Machines

    “washingmachine”Washing machines are built to last a decade, but a number of things can happen that might turn homeowners directly toward buying an early replacement.

    Problems such as leaks due to cracks in the tub or loose drums or motor mounts can be more expensive to fix than purchasing a new machine. Luckily many modern washing machines are very eco-friendly. They're designed to reduce water and energy consumption, which can also lower your utility charges.