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A Well Pump For Every Flower

Happy spring, friends! This time of year, it’s hard not to feel happy with all the colorful flowers sprouting up from the ground. But our favorite part of spring isn’t the flowers at all. It’s the plumbing well pumps! Without them, we would be carrying water out of wells with a bucket like in the olden days.

Did you know that there are different types of well pumps that you can choose from, depending on how deep your well is and how much water you need pumped at a time? Most people don’t. Let’s take a look, then, and learn a bit more about each of the different types of pumps.

Should You Install a Shallow Well Jet Pump?

whatisThe first question you should ask yourself when looking for a new well pump is "how deep is my well?"

If your well is about twenty-five feet deep, or less, then a shallow well jet pump is the perfect choice for you.

Jet pumps use atmospheric pressure to create a vacuum that sucks water up from the well into your home. The pump itself sits outside of the well, mounted on a wall either in your home or in the well house.

Maybe a Deep Well Jet Pump is a Better Fit For You

idealjetpumpIf you like the idea of a jet pump, but your well is deeper than twenty-five feet, you can always opt for a deep well jet pump! Depending on the depth of your well, this may be a good choice for you.

The jet pump works in the same way it does for a more shallow well, only the jet is separate from the motor and impeller and resides in the actual well. While a deep well jet pump can serve a well as deep as a few hundred feet, it is not ideal for that kind of depth.

Consider The Deep Well Submersible Pump Too!

submersiblepumpFor wells that are a hundred feet deep or more, the best option for pumping water is a deep well submersible pump. As its name implies, a submersible pump sits down in the well, below the water line and, rather than lifting the water with suction, moves the water up the pipe itself.

You could even install a submersible pump in a shallow well, though it is not recommended. In shallow pumps, your submersible pump is more likely to be affected by contaminants like algae, silt, and sand.

Submersible pumps are ideal for just about any well because they can last as long as twenty years without servicing! There's an old saying you've probably heard that goes like this- "there are plenty of fish in the sea." While you've probably heard it in the context of a breakup, as a reminder that someone else will swim along, it can also apply to shopping around for a new well pump.

There are so many varieties and kinds of pumps, just like there are endless varieties of fish in the sea. Make sure that before you settle on buying a new well pump, that you've looked into all your options. If you're still not sure which well pump is the best choice for you, call Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing at (775) 626-7777 today to speak with a plumber in Reno, NV.